Teeth Whitening

Dental Bleaching in Floral Park

Teeth Whitening in Floral Park, NY.

While certain habits, like drinking coffee or using tobacco, will certainly stain your teeth, no one is immune from teeth darkening and yellowing. Simply eating everyday foods will cause stains to build up on your teeth over time, causing your smile to appear yellowish-brown and prematurely aged.

Many patients turn to whitening products available at grocery stores. Although some of these strips and gels may help a bit, they simply don’t have the power to remove years and decades of built-up stains.

We can help at Woodbine Dental. Our products are only available to dentists, and we’ll work with you to reach your cosmetic dental goals. We will also help you set realistic expectations and give you an accurate estimate of the final results.

Teeth whitening is just one of the many cosmetic dental services we offer. Please contact us at (516) 784-4192 to learn more.