Deep Cleaning and Periodontics

Gum Disease Prevention in Floral Park

Deep Cleaning and Periodontics in Floral Park, NY.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to overlook your gums until there is an obvious problem. It is common for people to neglect to floss, and many Americans unknowingly have gum disease. Such periodontal disease may produce no apparent symptoms, but it can have serious consequences, like tooth loss, artery scarring, and diabetes complications.

At Woodbine Dental, we make sure to care for your entire mouth. Dr. Gill inspects your teeth and gums for any obvious or hidden issues. If gum disease is discovered, we have several treatments to help. One of the most useful is called scaling and root planing, better known as deep cleaning.

During a deep cleaning, our team sanitizes your gingival pockets to eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation. This treatment can go a long way toward resolving gum disease.

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